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Divorce Empowerment Course


reBUILD 6-week online course

Did you feel the course experience was personal to you?

“Yes, it felt personal to me speaking up and using the chat made it personal and we could discuss our fears and thoughts. I liked the use of worksheets as they were your true thoughts and really promoted honesty.”

"Your divorce is about you, not your ex"

Our divorce empowerment course is focused on helping you take control of your thoughts, words, and actions. No matter what chaos is happening around you, we can teach you the tools to stay centred and in control. With our guidance, you'll be able to navigate any situation with grace and confidence, so you stay in your lighthouse, shining your light for all to see.

Our 6-week online Divorce Empowerment course:

As a bonus, you get FREE ACCESS to the upcoming Christmas webinar (worth £29)! More details soon.
The reBUILD Divorce Empowerment online course is looking for YOU if you are ready to shape the future you want, and start rebuilding you, through and beyond your divorce. Are you in?


"I want to thank you for a brilliant course…  It was a pleasure to join the class each week.  You made it a safe and lovely place to be. I felt I could have shared anything and not been judged in any way. I also learnt so much, I really appreciate you giving your time and teaching us something that is very special. You are a very lovely lady and I hope one day I can have the inner strength and calmness that you have."


"It was nice to know I had an anchor each week during this difficult period. It helped as I feel that difficult as it sometimes is, there’s no need to make divorce harder or more unkind and challenging than it already is."

"Exceeded expectations"


"The course helped me to see that you are not alone and that in the darkest of times, there can be fun, humour and possibly a new way forward. Tosh helps you to find those new glimmers of light and really cares about showing you that you are still there and able to get through this!"

As a bonus, you get FREE ACCESS to the upcoming Christmas webinar (worth £29)! More details soon.
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Week 1
There is more right with you than wrong with you!

If you're feeling overwhelmed, don't despair, we believe and created this course to be all about the power of self-discovery and growth. The Divorce Empowerment course provides you with the tools to start rebuilding your resilience through being present in your relationships and managing stress. You will learn about procrastination and managing the DMMs (Divorce Mind Monkeys) while developing a greater sense of well-being, so you can face the future with confidence.

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With Tosh Brittan,
Relationship Resilience & Divorce Coach

aka the Divorce Goddess

Going through a divorce can leave you feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. As a coach, I specialise in helping clients build their confidence and find their power through this difficult process. I work with each client to identify their goals and aspirations and develop strategies that help them achieve those goals. Whether it's through setting boundaries, developing new habits or learning new communication skills, my coaching can help you move forward and thrive.

Having taught 6-week empowerment courses to 1000s of people and groups online and face-to-face, to companies, schools and charities I'm excited to bring this unique course to my divorce community.

To find out more...

reBUILD Divorce Empowerment Course


We understand the challenges and emotional turmoil that can come with divorce. Our empowering course has been designed to help you regain control, grow resilience and handle reactions, thoughts, and triggers better so you can emerge stronger. Our course is all about empowering you to take charge of your life and emotional well-being so you can shine brighter than ever before.

As a bonus, you get FREE ACCESS to the upcoming Christmas webinar (worth £29)! More details soon.

More benefits...

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  • A clearer mind

  • A calmer mind

  • Better memory

  • Improved focus

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  • Happiness

  • Protection against depression

  • Reduction in loneliness

  • Lower anger levels

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  • Greater awareness

  • More responsive

  • Reducing conflict

  • More acceptance

Leading to more relaxed muscles, a healthier heart, improved relationship with food, better immune function, pain relief and improved sleep.

As a bonus, you get FREE ACCESS to the upcoming Christmas webinar (worth £29)! More details soon.
My three questions to you are...

Do you know a divorcee?

How do they feel when they talk about their divorce?

Do you want to be that person in 1 year, 3 years or 10 years+ time?

If not, then...
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Join the reBUILD Divorce Empowerment course below!

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As a bonus, you get FREE ACCESS to the upcoming
Christmas webinar (worth £29)! More details soon.
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