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reBUILD personal

relationship resilience sessions for you

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Personal coaching to help you to enjoy better relationships.

Our relationships mirror our lives. They reflect how we feel and treat ourselves, and how we react and respond to various situations and individuals around us. Each and every interaction is an opportunity for personal growth whether it is with a spouse (or ex), work colleagues, family members, friends or with yourself.

We can all settle for relationships that are less than perfect or even disruptive or dysfunctional. However, if you're ready to take the next step to improve your relationships, we can help.

We know that all relationships can be improved and rebuilt through awareness and intention. Our tried and tested coaching sessions are designed to support you on this journey.


Cultivate your inner strength so you can

navigate relationships with confidence and resilience. 


Build an accountability and action plan, with home practices to create new neural pathways and grow relationship resilience.

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Develop the

confidence, self-assurance and resilience to build and nurture healthy relationships.

You first

There is no shame in seeking help. We guide you through the process with kindness and understanding.


We'll help you cultivate self-awareness and make conscious choices to foster happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Time frame

We tailor your coaching package to your needs, so you get consistent support and guidance.

"Tosh is a remarkable person with her calm disposition and wealth of experience. She has this ability to 'open' eyes to see fresh perspectives. Her passion, mischievous nature plus her powerful insights have left me energised, ready to take ownership and armed with practical ways to confidently transform my divorce and life."

Janie, Lincs
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