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Divorce Goddess Empowerment Library

Ready to download the freebies you want and need?

It’s now so much easier to download all the best Divorce Goddess freebies !

We’ve put everything together in one place so join to get access to the ultimate FREE Divorce Goddess® empowerment library!

What are you looking for?

Monthly Goal Sheet

For when you need to be focused and to get stuff done! Getting purposeful is saying yes to you!

10 Questions to Empower Your Day

Start your day strong, set an intention PLUS learn simple tools to support you to be more empowered through your divorce.


A simple daily practice to get your mind monkeys into doing what you want rather than them doing what they want you to do!


Super helpful printable reminder for you and your family for self-care, stick it on the fridge, noticeboard so you can all get talking about how you feel!

5 Breaths Meditation

Need to access inner calm and feel grounded quickly? Silence your DMMs (Divorce Mind Monkeys) and get some peace!

10 Ways to Stay Sane With Divorce & Money

It’s a thing! Finance and Fear are friends in divorce - here are my goto top tips to reduce fear around finance, divorce costs and to start building money confidence for your future!

21 Mantras to Help You Feel More Empowered

Where your thoughts go your energy goes so get yourself some positive mantras to say when you feel your thoughts are sliding into the pit of despair!

Empowerment Masterclass

30mins can make a difference to your confidence through your divorce. Remember your divorce experience is about you not your Ex.

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