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reBUILD online

our relationships reflect how we feel and treat ourselves

Online divorce workplace course

We believe that everyone can reBUILD relationships

Our 6 week online reBUILD Relationship Resilience programme is designed to support people experiencing relationship difficulties, or challenges, whether personal, or in the workplace. 


We can help if you are:

  • Tired of making the same mistakes in relationships

  • Living with conflict, dread or fear

  • Cross with yourself for being triggered     

  • Wanting better relationships and don't know how   

  • Trying to forgive and it's not working 

  • Wanting to accept and let go  

  • Ready to grow your confidence, access calm, and have more clarity                             


reBUILD Relationship Resilience can help you:

  • Feel empowered  

  • Respond rather than react   

  • Believe in yourself     

  • Let go of what's not working

  • Flip your way of thinking

  • Set personal boundaries

  • Stay true to yourself 

  • Become an observer 

  • Be the bigger person

If you're ready to reBUILD and improve your relationships, we can help. 

What you get...

reBUILD - 6 week Relationship Resilience Programme

  • 6 x 90 minute LIVE coaching sessions

  • 6 x 30 mins LIVE Q&A support call

  • Online tools and weekly session workbooks 

  • Access to session recordings via private online link
  • Dedicated online private support group
  • Discounted personal coaching call
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