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I am an experienced relationship resilience expert and coach. I help people from all walks of life to enjoy healthier, happier and more productive relationships. I offer expert support to people going through or affected by divorce, family conflict, and inter-personal disputes.
I also deliver training programmes and workshops for employees to improve relationships in the workplace.

Everyone has relationships in their life that could be improved:

  • Conflict with a spouse or an ex-partner

  • Disputes between work colleagues       

  • Estranged from a parent or sibling        

  • Misunderstandings between friends     

  • Battling with yourself                             

Our relationships mirror our lives. They reflect how we feel and treat ourselves, and how we react and respond to various situations and individuals around us. Each and every interaction is an opportunity for personal growth, at home, in the workplace and in our communities.

We can all settle for relationships that are less than perfect or even disruptive or dysfunctional. However, if you're ready to take the next step to improve your relationships, we can help.

We know that all relationships can be improved and rebuilt through awareness and intention. Our tried and tested reBUILD programmes are designed to support you on this journey.

To find out more book a free 30 min reBUILD call.

Right now, I'm sitting in a bar drinking an Espresso Martini in the pouring rain in Como after venturing out on my own from a town called Cernobbio. I've caught a ferry here. I've attempted to speak Italian to the locals. I've visited the Duomo and wandered the beautiful streets for a couple of hours.  I've said no to a lovely man from America who's travelling solo and wanted company.

I have been fully present in each moment. All of this has happened because of your words of encouragement and the idea that divorce is a chance to live again, to build a new life for yourself and to be brave in trying new things.

Thank you for inspiring me, Don't know where I'd be without your words and wisdom.

Claire, London
Spears 500 top recommended divorce consultancy and divorce services
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reBUILD with me

At times in our lives, relationships can break down and conflict can arise. These can be gradual or sudden, resulting from life changes, conflict within us, external relationships or situations. This is a normal part of life. With reBUILD, we support you with relationship resilience to manage such changes in a way that delivers the best possible outcomes for all parties involved.

1 to 1 private divorce coaching

1 to 1
reBUILD sessions

reBUILD personal

1 to 1 coaching to help you to enjoy better relationships. This could be with a partner (ex or current), family members, or work colleagues.

reBUILD Online training and divorce courses workplace

reBUILD online

reBUILD online


Our 6 week online course is packed with practical tools and techniques to equip you to deal effectively with conflict and build resilience in your relationships.

Manager workplace reBUILD divorce training

Workplace reBUILD training

reBUILD at work

Our workplace training is designed to be delivered in person or online to support employees to avoid conflict and build effective, and productive relationships. 

Tosh Brittan Divorce Coaching

Tosh Brittan 

Tosh has built an international following as 'the Divorce Goddess' with her tagline, "Your divorce is about you, not your ex" and is recognised as a "thought changer in divorce for a number of years".

Since 2014, Tosh has been supporting people to grow better relationships, starting with the relationships they have with themselves. 

As a child of divorced parents, with two children of her own, Tosh took a leap of faith to 'do' her own divorce differently and developed a coaching business to support others to do the same.


​​Tosh qualified in 2015 as an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher and coach. She is currently studying for a Corporate & Executive Coaching diploma with The Coaching Academy. Tosh is also a Reiki Master teacher. She is a successful podcast host and author and is passionate about empowering individuals to build great relationships with themselves firstly and others.

She now shares her unique, successful coaching techniques, with clients she works with, on social media and podcasts in the UK and globally.

Kindness for Conflict

A Guide to Separation & Divorce

Kindness for Conflict - a guide to separation and divorce by Tosh Brittan

"We recommend that all going through a divorce or separation read this book. It shares many useful practical tips and has been written with warmth, sincerity, and a genuine desire to help"

Rebecca Giraud and Bob Greig. Co-directors of OnlyMums & Dads CIC. Co-editors of (Almost) Anything but Family Court (Bath Publishing).



"A recognised divorce expert, Tosh Brittan has regularly featured in the media talking about her mindful approach to life and promoting the long-term benefits of what she calls the ‘kinder divorce’. The mindfulness expert has a suitably philosophical take on what she has to offer HNW clients. ‘When people have a more emotionally balanced life, they are better able to organise and live their lives in a more fulfilling and happier way,’ she tells Spear’s.

Outside of her coaching work, Brittan is a regular speaker at well-being summits and events and is the co-author of books on mindfulness and ritual living. She hosts the Divorce Goddess podcast, ranked in the top 50 relationship podcasts in the US."

The Spears 500, 2023 Top Recommended Divorce Consultancy & Divorce Services

Divorce Goddess Podcast

Find out why this very popular podcast reached #41 in the US and #16 in the UK Relationship charts. We regularly publish new episodes, so don't forget to subscribe!


Tosh Brittan Divorce Coaching

If you have any questions please do reach out...

+44 7733 033726

Thank you!

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