Coaching and Healing

Who is this for?

This coaching and healing is for anyone who has lived and experienced painful, challenging, and difficult life events. You may have buried these emotions, or swept them under the carpet, through fear of looking at and experiencing the trauma. Or maybe you are tired of carrying this emotional baggage around through life, don’t want it there anymore but are not sure how to shift or let go of it.

How does it help?

You are you and no one can take that or your experiences away from you. I work with your body, the energy centers (chakras), and your habits. By clearing excess negative, blocked, or unhelpful energy and giving you a tried and tested coaching toolkit for you to use in your daily life we are able to shift what hurts, what you are ready to let go of and this allows you to heal.


Why does it matter?

Healing gives you another chance at living life from another perspective and with more joy, a sense of empowerment, and more ownership of your life. This work is not about what has happened to you, but rather what and how you choose to live your life moving forwards having lived these experiences.  As your confidence grows, you begin to see and live life differently, you become more connected to who you really are.