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Your Healing Begins Here

I believe we all have everything already within ourselves to help, heal and live a beautiful, happier and calmer life… we just need to believe we have it.


As a coach and energy healer I love working with clients to rediscover who they are and to see their lovely light within that is reignited with this work.

“No one can steal your light.
Your light, is your light”

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Tosh Brittan 2022

How I work...

Coaching and Spiritual Guidance, Healing and Reiki Training. 

I combine coaching and healing to create a toolkit for clients to take away and easily integrate into their life.


As an energy healer I am able to clear old, stuck and negative emotional energy (in person or remotely).


Simply my work is like you having an MOT, to lighten life baggage, rebalance and re-energise you body, mind and spirit.



I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki I training with Tosh. She is a beautiful and inspiring soul whose love and enthusiasm for not only Reiki, but also the wider spiritual and energetic world is infectious. I left the training feeling supported, curious to learn more and more and a little in awe of my newly discovered hot hands!



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