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Discover secrets to managing emotions, creating budget-friendly memories, and conquering the holiday season with ease.

Coping & Celebrating

Your Divorce Festive Survival Guide

If you are looking to:

  • Help you get into the spirit of Christmas so you can COPE and CELEBRATE

  • Equip you with a tried and tested Divorce Festive Survival Guide

  • Receive live divorce coaching from a seasoned expert


Join us for the "Coping and Celebrating" webinar.

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Don't just cope – celebrate!

Join the webinar for an hour of expert advice on staying sane, creating new memories, and conquering Christmas challenges after divorce.


Designed to provide you with practical strategies and emotional support, this event equips you to navigate the challenges of Christmas post-divorce. Learn not just to cope but to celebrate, armed with our proven Divorce Festive Survival Guide.


Your joyful holiday season starts here!

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Here's what you'll learn:

  • Managing your DMMs (Divorce Mond Monkeys) so they don’t create more anxiety than you are feeling

  • How to make Christmas memorable on a budget

  • How to manage being alone without your kids

  • Dealing with awkward social moments with your ex and family

  • How to stay positive about Christmas and create new memories

  • How to deal with meltdowns over Christmas

  • How to manage guilt around your children and other emotions

  • How to stay sane, be less stressed, and feel less anxious

  • Live Q&A session

Hurry! The Webinar is happening on 8th December 2023!
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In the webinar you'll get:

Just for £11, join us now and say yes to a Christmas where you can not only COPE but CELEBRATE.


Save yourself not only from emotional pain but also future challenges. Let's make this holiday season a time of growth, resilience, and celebration.

REGISTER BELOW for a brighter, more empowered holiday season!

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