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Why reconnecting to you first matters!

Updated: Aug 31

reconnecting to you first is important
Better relationships

Our relationships mirror our lives. They reflect how we feel and treat ourselves, and how we react and respond to various situations and individuals around us. Each and every interaction is an opportunity for personal growth and to reconnect better at home, in the workplace and in our communities.

Are you someone who wakes up on a Monday morning and dreads going into work? Or are there colleagues in your workplace you actively avoid for reasons such as being judged or not feeling good enough? Or are you someone who finds it difficult to talk to others for fear of imposter syndrome? Does the thought of reconnecting to yourself feel like something a little odd or different? Stay with me, I hope the following helps!

What would your week feel like if you got so straight on how you wanted to feel (good) during the week before you even left the house, or were so in your power that the judgemental monkeys no longer bothered you or perhaps you were able to trust yourself so much that you just knew always what to say?

So often it is when we are on automatic pilot, lost in thoughts of the day, ruminating about the previous day’s meetings or conversations or the fear of the future mind monkeys running rampant, that it is easier to get triggered by others. It may just be a careless remark by your partner in the morning before leaving for work, an unintentional elbow nudge on the train or a careless driver pulling out that can inflame our thoughts more easily. But the inflammation is there and so are the thoughts around it during the day.

Have you ever had this happen to you? When a seemingly innocuous event can then pervade your thoughts throughout the day, you then beat yourself up for reacting, when on reflection it really wasn’t such a bad thing that was said or happened.

Particularly when you maybe feeling hungry, angry, ill, lonely or tired (HAILT) it is easier to be tripped up, react rather than respond and be better able to let smaller things go - without thinking about them during the day. This is why reconnecting to yourself is important.

I like the concept that where our thoughts go, our energy goes. This feels powerful and real - for example thinking negatively about someone or something on and off all day can only tip the scales into a ‘down’ day rather than an ‘up’ day or even a week.

So how do you get out of this modus operandi? How do you help a colleague, a partner or loved one out of the negativity into a more pleasant positive place without them feeling stupid, not worthy or in fear? By creating a safe space within ourselves first, by connecting to ourselves first, we learn why we speak, act and think in the way we do. We begin to understand that it is actually okay, we are not wrong and it is part of being human. Better relationships come from each of us knowing ourselves better first and looking after ourselves with more care.

​We can all settle for relationships that are less than perfect or even disruptive or dysfunctional. However, if you're ready to take the next step to improve your relationships by reconnecting to you first, we can help.

​We know that all relationships can be improved and rebuilt through awareness and intention. Our tried and tested programs and workshops are designed to support you on this journey.

For more information on the reBUILD program and workshops go to click here or email for more information.

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