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Returning to work and going through a divorce?

I share with you four tips to get you through the working day so you not only stay focused and are productive but also in a good place to return home as a single parent, managing a difficult soon-to-be-ex and everything else that comes with divorce.

Tip 1 - Other's stuff! - How people see what others are going through the lens of their own experiences.

Tip 2 - Plan for you! - Take control of how you are feeling with a plan for your day, to check in and the all-important self-care.

Tip 3 - Remember to breathe! - Use breaks in the day to get your Divorce Mind Monkeys into order, working for you not against you by using this simple breathing practice.

Tip 4 - Ask for help! - When you are feeling shame, a failure or judged it is always harder to ask for help. Especially when having a hard week - ex issues, extra hours at work, childcare, it can be especially difficult. Go easy on yourself, and remember help is always available, you just need to be brave and ask.

If you are an HR professional and are interested in having a chat about the training options available to companies book a reBUILD call with me here via this link.

For more information do take a look at the reBUILD in the Workplace page.

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