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Four Key Ways to Manage Divorce Stress

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Here on this gold nugget episode (one of eight so do subscribe to get notified for the rest) I introduce four key ways of managing divorce stress.

With the DMMs (Divorce Mind Monkeys) doing their fight, flight and freeze thing on you, having simple ways to change your thoughts is key to feeling less stressed, reducing conflict and growing your confidence!

  • Change the Stressor

You don't always have to agree, especially if you're busy or you've got stuff going on with the children and managing external factors. For example, if emails cause you too much stress, maybe just check them less often, set a time during the day when you can.

  • Staying away from negative people

It might be a little bit difficult to stay away from your ex all the time. But you can get really good with your boundaries, set a time on how much time you spend with them pickups, drop-offs, and basically spend less time with them.

  • Manage your Time

Notice when you have more energy when you are most efficient, and shift high-priority tasks to those times when you do have more energy.

For example, if you're a morning person, try to get everything done early in the morning for the kids get up. Try and this is a big one through divorce. But perhaps you might want to do this with family members and friends.

  • Set boundaries between boundaries or divorce

Set a time and commit when you most have more energy to do tasks. And this is such a good place to start. Setting yourself your own boundaries, helps you set boundaries with others, make compromises.

Picking your battles in divorce can be difficult, but sometimes we have to accept that not always doing something our way is okay, too. Compromise is a big one.

Accept if you can't change the stressor, practice some breathing, some deep breathing or just sitting somewhere quiet with your devices off and just breathe into your belly and breathe out to feel more grounded.

Listen below for the full episode!

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