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Why Healing...

Everything is energy…

Our thoughts, words and actions are all energy which can, over time become locked in our body.

We feel trapped in life, tired and out of balance. The days can feel hard and stressful, we feel stuck and life feels blocked.


Have you ever felt ‘kicked in the gut’ by someone’s words or actions? Needed to shower off after a tough day at work? Or felt your ‘ears burning’ or ‘down in the dumps’ and not sure why? Perhaps you visited somewhere which gave you the ‘chills’ or met someone who instantly didn’t resonate with you?

This is all about energy and in life we absorb not only the good, but also the bad. We have energy centres in our body also known as ‘chakras’ which absorb experiences, words and thoughts. Think of a car performing better after having an MOT or service. This work keeps it operating well, in alignment and optimally. Why do we not do this regularly with our own body?

These healing and coaching sessions shift and clear you and your body of any heavy, unhelpful life layers weighing you down, holding you back from living your best life confidently and with less stress. Clients feel lighter, more relaxed and better able to cope with unexpected life bumps and manage difficulties and challenges more easily. Included is spiritual coaching and guidance to give you information and tools to help you move forwards, grow confidence in yourself and to thrive!


To find out more about the healing modalities I use click below:

Depending on what your body needs, the healing you receive may include Reiki, colour, cellular and angelic healing.


All you need to do in the session is be open to the healing you need and to trust what you receive is for your highest good, the healing energy knows where it’s to go.

You are not required to remove your clothing during the session.


Each session takes one hour.

To start your journey email Tosh now...
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from me
moves you forward...

How HEALING works to support you to move forwards…


Through the 18+ years of practicing and coaching what I do know is that life doesn’t always give us what we want, when we want it and in the ways we expect.

Whether it is in: relationships, work, home, health, money, family

Spiritual life coaching is all about acceptance, trust and letting go of the need to control. The irony in life is this… when we try to control things in life, we block what is meant to happen.


So how do we live more in alignment, how do we get out of our own way and how do we learn to trust more?


Spiritual life coaching is about awareness and reconnecting to yourself. I share with you tried and tested tools used for over 1000’s of years to support you on your mind and body, emotional and spiritual journey.


Together we look at what matters to you, what values you hold and how you can build a grounded, balanced and happier life that is sustainable.

Supporting clients gives me so much joy and I want you to live a life that you’re really excited and

confident about, whether it’s a relationship, business, job or exciting new project!