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4 Hours

About the Course

Duration – 4 hours Maximum – up to 8 persons

The Social Media for Therapists course has been designed with you in mind.

To provide you with insights, wins and creating the right energy for your Instagram and Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn profiles, to manage fear, competition mind monkeys and create a plan that works for and grows your therapy business. You will get access to a beautiful workbook template for your clients, how to create posts that stand out, a colour pallet that is you and how to energetically set your business alive!

At the end of the course you will have:

  • Created a social media account (FB, Instagram, Youtube or LinkedIn)

  • Written a profile that speaks and energetically attracts your customer

  • Designed and written posts that make YOU stand out and GROW your business

  • Recommended apps to use and help you save money

  • Created the #hashtag list that best supports your business

The course includes inside influencer information, a workbook and mini social media audit

Course price: £99