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Goodbye 2023
& Hello 2024!

A Welcoming 2024 Workshop

with Tosh Brittan

“Manifestation without action is only a wish.”
― Nanette Mathews

Let go of what no longer works for you and leave it in 2023,
and discover how you take your BEST SELF into 2024!

Join me Thursday 28th December to do just this -

Coming together in this 90 min online workshop to not only release what you wish to leave in 2023, BUT invoking, planning and setting your own powerful intentions for 2024.

Time to dream a new dream and create an incredible year for YOU, supported by practical and purposeful life planning is what happens in this Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024 Ceremony Workshop for £24.

**The workbook and replay will be sent to you straight after and is yours to keep forever!


In this retreat-style workshop, together you will discover how to:

✓ ​Accept, let go and understand where you are at this time, without shame and judgement

​✓ Forgive and release yourself from holding failure that keeps you in a place of feeling stuck

✓ Recognise where you can take back control so you can embrace your inner strength and shine again

✓ Have confidence in your decisions and how to take next steps

✓ Turn procrastination into participation with the specially created worksheets and journal prompts you will receive for free for being in here

​✓ Gain personal insights and clear through the fog of difficult thoughts to access your inner precious peaceful place

✓ Re-find your ‘inner funny’, access your superpower, and be that phenomenal Phoenix rising

“The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.”
― Abraham Hicks
Image by Becca Tapert

First comes the thought,
then the
then the

That's how change happens. Are you ready?

What do you want to fill your life with?

“We become what we think about. Energy flows where attention goes.”
― Rhonda Byrne

Yoga on Deck

Don't miss this powerful

Goodbye 2023 Hello 2024 Ceremony workshop!

I want to thank all that 2023 has taught me on so many levels and welcome 2024 in as a year full of bright rays of warm, loving and healing sunshine.

I want to say yes to it, and open my arms and welcome this lovely 2024 New Year energy into every part of my life!

But before I can do any of that, I want to reflect on this year and release what I don’t want to take with me. To consciously acknowledge all that has happened, lay some of the tough stuff to rest and take some to be with me. As we know, when we close one door we allow the next to open...

In this workshop, I’ll share with you simple tools to help you accept and let go of 2023, feel safe in your present moment and start to create and manifest the abundance you want to attract in 2024.

✓ Honour and acknowledge your experience of 2023

✓ Set intentions for 2024 that give you the possibilities you want and need

✓ Get those last boxes ticked, check in with where you are and purposefully move forward

✓ Go beyond simple goal setting and fully into your power

✓ Reconnect your intuition and your mind

So, how do we do this?

Manifesting is consciously co-creating your reality. Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve, personally and professionally?

If you've felt like your life never gives you what you want or things haven't been working out as you imagined, this workshop will give you a tried and tested blueprint to make this happen.

Together we'll discover what's holding you back, create a vision for the next year, set a monthly theme, and incorporate tools to keep you accountable and to stay inspired.

Come prepared to dive into what didn't work and what did and why in 2023. And find out at the end of the workshop, how you can own and be excited about 2024 with a clear action plan in your gorgeous workbook sent out to you in advance.

This workshop is perfect if you are:

  • going through uncertain times with challenging relationships

  • feeling lost in life with no idea what your future could hold for you

  • starting a new business, or looking to get a new or change your job

  • simply looking to get more organized, feel more positive and empowered

If you want to discover your power, feel more inspired and confident and ready to take steps forward into this next year, join us here.

Women Holding Hands

Start your 2024 knowing you have a plan!

Learn to manifest what you want and make it happen.


When is it?

Thursday 28th December 2023

7.30pm – 9.00pm (GMT)


£24 for 2024, replay available

A 90-minute online retreat-style workshop where you will connect deeply with yourself, achieve clarity on your next moves forward and release what you want to leave in this 2023 year and purposefully bring in what you want in 2024!

As you quieten your mind, you allow the path to appear. When you can hush the noise of the outside world, you are able to listen deeply.  It is then you can see more clearly... so are you ready?


join me for this 

Goodbye 2023 Hello 2024 Ceremony workshop


Endings are messy and painful
Leaving things in good order helps us feel better
This is your opportunity to complete well… for you

It’s natural that we are so keen to skip the old, the parts we would most like to forget that remind us when we least expect them to. We sweep stuff under the carpet in the hope that the life house cleaning fairy will take it away… except we know life is not like that. We are our life house cleaning fairy (tried to make it short lol). It is for us to show up for ourselves, to know we can have our own back and we do have the courage to clean the places where we most fear to tread.

This is your opportunity to walk forward, to be meaningful and to say YES to yourself!

Image by Soumyadip Sarkar

For only £24, you'll learn how to:

Tosh-52 (2).jpg
Meet Tosh

Tosh Brittan is the Founder of the Divorce Goddess® podcast and reBUILD coaching programme and who, through her private practice and Facebook Group, workshops and podcast has helped thousands of divorcees go from shame and anger to accepting themselves with the words #YouAreEnough

Tosh Brittan is no stranger to manifesting. Since her first manifest challenge back in 2008 she has been accessing her ability to manifest. She has been on a challenging and exciting life journey since 2012 learning about many aspects of manifesting, mindset, and the untapped power inside of each of us to make things happen. We just need to get better at organising, putting it into effect, and believing that we can do this!

A divorce coach and therapist, named Top Recommended Divorce Consultancy for three years in the Spears 500 guide. She has a reBUILD coaching programme and has been featured on national TV, radio, and in campaigns talking about divorce empowerment and self-kindness. She has been featured in global outlets such as Elle Magazine, The Times, Weekend FT, and the Telegraph. She has guested on many wellbeing summits and podcasts and hosts her own successful Divorce Goddess podcast ranked #41 in the US and #16 in the UK Relationship charts.

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